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Her Sweets bakery is a sweet heaven for all cookie, cake, and treat lovers out there. The bakery offers an array of delicious baked goods that are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. From soft and chewy cookies to moist and fluffy cakes, Her Sweets has something for everyone.

The bakery's cookies are a must-try, with a variety of flavors to choose from, including chocolate chip, s'mores, and red velvet. They are made with only the freshest ingredients and are always baked to perfection. The cakes are equally as delicious, with options such as classic vanilla, rich chocolate, tres leches and more. They are also available in different sizes, making them perfect for any occasion.

In addition to cookies and cakes, Her Sweets also offers an array of treats such as oreos and cheese cake balls, cupcakes, and donuts. These treats are perfect for those looking for something a little different and are sure to delight.

Her Sweets also offers custom cakes for special occasions such as birthdays and weddings. These cakes can be customized to your liking, whether you prefer a classic or modern design.

Overall, Her Sweets is a must-visit for anyone looking for delicious and high-quality baked goods. The bakery's commitment to using only the freshest ingredients and their attention to detail make for some of the best cookies, cakes, and treats around.

What we offer

Tres Leches

A mouthwatering moist desert.
Popular flavors: Strawberry, Peaches and Chocolate.

Wedding Cakes 

Our delicate designs and delicious flavors make your Wedding cake a beloved centerpiece at your reception. The perfect wedding cake is a work of art that can be tailored to reflect the unique personalities of each happy couple.


Her Sweets cookies are the perfect combination of sweet and satisfying, with a wide variety of flavors and textures to choose from. Whether you prefer soft and chewy or crisp and crunchy, we have a cookie that is sure to entice your taste buds.


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  • Friendly customer service and attention to detail.
  • Fresh ingredients and fresh food.
  • Professional on time delivery.
  • A grateful family that earns your repeat business.

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